About BPG Media

Founded in 1989 with the ambition of delivering specialist magazines of the highest order into specialist markets. Today, we deliver content on a multitude of platforms, both in print and in digital, offering a worldwide audience bespoke and quality driven articles.

The success of our magazines was and still is based very much on the philosophy of the company, taking full advantage of new technology to deliver a high quality product to a special interest market. We have avoided low budget productions and modest editorial values, BPG Media opted for a different route. And it has also made a policy of employing people of obvious ability and enthusiasm for both their work and subject matter. Although we specialise in specialist areas, we have the very best of personnel – it is a busy and creative working environment.

Alongside our print magazines, the digital arm of the business continues to grow as we invest in exciting, innovative products and websites. BPG Media is committed to delivering content via digital platforms, opening a channel towards ebooks and tablet-friendly emags.

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